1. год назад

    I spent nearly 20 minutes fixing the butterfly-sensitive shapes to the eyelash rim, and inside the afternoon I registered that there has been no eye wreath, how long had I walked around with handiest one hairy eyelid? Conclusion: They are pretty and only at 2d look Aaaaaber - the gluing have to be practiced Another tip: Especially on windy days extra frequently manage the whereabouts of eyelashes ... " Test # five: Mascara with the aid of Yves Saint Laurent Astriede Singh, secretary, used the "Mascara Singulier" by means of Yves Saint Laurent , a mascara, which is to provide extra duration and fullness (approximately 28 euros): "I am an eyelash pro. Ever seeing that I can make up, I ink each day and I am very enthusiastic about this: the brand Awaderm new chic ink from Saint Laurent promised a first-rate amount: 'dramatic' eyelashes, 'excessive extent' and 'countless period' way to volumising microspheres Well, I was showering and saw: the eyelashes did no longer end up infinitely lengthy, but they were thoroughly separated, and the black is someway extra intense, the expression finer, more glamorous, extra lovely than different tints." Test # 6: Eyelash Extensions (Extensions) by means of the expert Sarah Harms, editor, changed into attached to artificial eyelashes that should closing for about six weeks (the first time relying on length and density between approximately one hundred eighty and 350 euros, clean from approximately seventy five euros , facts and studio finders to eyelash compression on luxury flashes ). "I become skeptical - and now I'm completely thrilled! After hours of silence within the beauty salon, my average long.

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