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    require different levels of exercise for all muscle groups, and can progress from mild to severe over time Change variants or increase the weights more and more. Here's a (non-exhaustive) list of exercises that you can use with this equipment to put into your home muscle building workout plan : You can see how big the selection is. You may not always find an exercise for each muscle that tires you in three sentences. Especially the legs and butt are very strong by nature and scream for very high training weights. You circumvent this problem with so-called "intensity techniques" . They make an exercise Xaxtus TBoost even without the use of higher weights heavier . Here some examples: Do several exercises for the same muscle (pre- and post-fatigue) Increase the number of sentences Shorten the breaks between sets At each set to train muscle failure Hold the end position of a movement for a few seconds Do very slow reps (about 10 seconds per repetition) Perform slow negative movements (eg lowering the pull-up) Splitting movement into partial movements (stutter repetitions) After fatigue, continue with partial repeats Repeat the final contraction several times with small movements Isometric muscle tension between sets or after an exercise ... It must be emphasized once again that intensity techniques are not the optimal method of improvement . If you have the opportunity, you should first increase the training weight or make a slightly more difficult bodyweight exercise, with which one lands again in the optimal load range. Only if this is not possible due .

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